Week beginning April 20th 2009…

Welcome back to school after your Easter break – everyone in the Learning Zone hopes you return fresh and rested in preparation for the coming term.

This first week back will be one of consolidation in many subjects. What can we recall from before the break? Which things do we need to re-visit or practise?

In Maths this will mean looking at money, number and time.

In Social Studies this will involve remembering lots of interesting things about dinosaurs, prehistoric times and the plot of our special book, The Lost World.

In Gardening we will be making our “Fruit and Vegetable Alphabet”…


In Science we will be starting a new topic! We will spend this term exploring the world of the dinosaur from a scientific perspective. We will look at lots of different ideas about how dinosaurs may have died out. We will consider which dinosaurs are similar to animals that may still be around today. (Have you ever thought how primitive a crocodile looks? Could an elephant be a Hairy Mammoth without its fur coat on? Are some birds (or bats or even flying squirrels) a teeny weeny bit like a pterodactyl?) We will be doing some work investigating all of these ideas over the coming weeks…

 An elephant in a fur coat?

We will also be looking at how animals change sometimes to suit their environment. What animals do or have done this?

Examples of the basic adaptations that help animals survive:

  • shape of a bird’s beak,
  • the number of fingers,
  • colour of the fur,
  • the thickness or thinness of the fur,
  • the shape of the nose or ears

Can you think which one of these adaptations a Polar Bear or Arctic Fox may have undergone to survive in the snowy north?

Have a look at this cute picture and see what you can come up with…

In PE we will be continuing with our badminton lessons.

In Art we will be making lovely paintings of fish.

And, speaking of fish, we will be making sure that our two new class pets, HB and Rainbow, have survived the rigours of their first school holiday living on feeding tablets instead of being hand fed by lovely smiley pupils with tasty fish food (as they are during term time)!



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